Spiritual Poems

Spiritual Poems.

As most of these poems moved me they shale move you take a really close look to every last one of these.

Its so hard I can’t choose my favorite!



  1. Sunscreen
  2. Super Cute Swim Suit
  3. Water Waves
  4. Sun Shine
  5. Family & Friends
  6. Coke with your name on it
  7. Ice
  8. Hat
  9. Towel

Last but not least…..

10.  FOOD!

Thats all for For today with your “Stay Healthy Tips’

Stay Safe Because Life’s a Summer Chase

Marriott will unshackle its guests’ mobile Wi-Fi hotspots

i almost passed out when i saw this help me


Marriott International has caved under the public outcry over its Wi-Fi blocking policies. On Wednesday the hotel chain said it would no longer try to shut down the personal Wi-Fi hotspots its guest create using smartphones and MiFi-like modems.

“Marriott International listens to its customers, and we will not block guests from using their personal Wi-Fi devices at any of our managed hotels,” Marriott’s statement read.

But it doesn’t look like the hotel chain has entirely abandoned its quest to control the so-called “rogue” access points on its properties. The company said it is still concerned about the security implications of such brought-in networks in its conference facilities and meeting rooms.

“We will continue to look to the FCC to clarify appropriate security measures network operators can take to protect customer data, and will continue to work with the industry and others to find appropriate market solutions that do…

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I Challenge You

very touching

A Holistic Journey

Make me cry
Make me wonder
Give me chills,
my assumptions sunder.

Make me bellyache
and slap my lap, not
wince. Convince
me you’re the real deal.

Mix me a drink
Hold the sugar. I have
expensive taste, please –
richer, fuller

Teach me something high or low,
So much I don’t know
We don’t have to be in sync
but do make me think.

Quick! Erase the cliché
Wayfarer’s on her way
Oh mercy: rain…heaven’s tears?
She’s had it up to her ears.

Easy on the adverbs
Her sensibilities disturb
Impress or bless, but don’t bore her
when she’s willing to concur and confer.

But no one’s responding, you lament
Well, compel HW to comment.
Learn from her, this poem her worst yet
but see here the footprints of those who tread.

There is hope for all
Turn around, if you’ve hit a wall.
If you knew how busy…

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