Microsoft launches two sub-$100 Lumia smartphones

Not bad i used to have until it broke rating=0stars


Microsoft announced two new Lumia devices on Wednesday, but if you were hoping for a new high-end Windows Phone, you’ll need to keep waiting.

Both the Lumia 435 and the Lumia 532 will cost under $100 when they launch in February in Europe and Asia regions. The Lumia 435 will be the less expensive of the two: For 65 euros (US $77) it offers a 4-inch 800 x 480 screen, a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm chip, and a 2-Megapixel rear camera. It’s a 3G phone, and won’t be able to tap into speedy LTE networks.

Lumia 435 Lumia 435

The more expensive 79 euro (US $93) Lumia 532 comes in single and dual-SIM versions, and it’s slightly nicer. Like the Lumia 435, it’s a 4-inch 3G phone with a 800 x 480 display, but is powered by a higher-end quad-core 1.2GHz chip. Its camera takes 5MP photos, which isn’t great but it’s a huge…

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