Abortion is Murder (?|!)

Who wouldn’t call it murder u are killing a baby when u suck the baby put of you body its been murder for years i understand if u want the baby give it to someone who can afford it! its not a surprise if you feeling give me follow or like or comment

Sweet Talk

My graduate professor, good friend, and author of The Myth of the Rational Voter  Bryan Caplan (corrected regressions here) has been jousting with The Hidden Agenda of the Political Mind author Jason Weeden about the role of self-interest in political preferences. Weeden’s claim is that self-interest reigns supreme, while Caplan finds that group or social interest tends to dominate (at least for most questions; there are exceptions). Yesterday on Twitter, I promised Bryan I’d redo the regressions he posted at Econlog (see the second and third links above), except using LDV models.

For those of you not super duper into fancy-pants statistics, what I’m doing is fiddling with the implied underlying relationship. An OLS regression fits the dependent variable to the independent variables in a linear relationship, sort of like how the angle of the sun and your height jointly determine the length of your shadow. A probit…

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